About Alii

Alii is an Amsterdam based startup founded by Erik Jan Vlieger and Richard Osinga. Our mission is to ensure that the latest scientific knowledge finds its way into medical practice as fast as possible. We believe that we can achieve this mission by channeling the collective knowledge of medical specialists.

Erik-Jan Vlieger

Erik-Jan Vlieger is the founder of Alii. He is a MD and holds a PhD in Radiology. After working in different hospitals in the Netherlands for a number of years he joined the medical consultancy company Plexus where he became Managing Director. When Plexus was acquired by KPMG he stayed on as director health until he left to run his own startup.

Richard Osinga

Richard Osinga is the CEO of Alii. He was trained as a diplomat in the Dutch Corps Diplomatique, but after working at the Ministry for two years, he found out he preferred the fast paced world of Internet Startups. He's been director of Oberon Interactive for 10 years, founded World66.com (acquired by Internet Brands) and the popular travel app Triposo.

Erik van de Oever

MD and talented engineer, with extensive consulting and project management experience at Incision and KPMG.

Ruben Clerc

Ruben Clerc joined as an intern focusing on how to use AI to make it easier to update protocols based on the latest scientific literature.

Cui Renjun

Cui Renjun is the lead engineer of Alii. He's well versed in Java, iOS and Android development as well as a good frontend engineer.

We are hiring!

If you love what we are doing, why don't you join us? We are looking for a talented developer and a sales consultant. Interested? Send us an email and we'll contact you with more information.