Alii Clinical Guidelines

Alii Clinical Guidelines is a platform to keep clinical guidelines up to date based on the latest literature.

How does it work?

Alii helps you turn your clinical guidelines into living documents. Well structured, easy to use on a mobile device and easy to update. read more

In Alii you can discover and share scientific literature that is likely to have an impact on your clinical guidelines. Alii provides the tools to grade and share these articles and to gauge the impact on your guidelines. read more

Once you and your colleagues agree that an update is required we provide you with the tools to make the changes. read more

Turning guidelines into living documents

The starting point is the existing practical guidelines used in your organization. When we enter these in Alii we structure the documents in a way that makes it easier to use, search and update your documents.

Each practical medical guidelines describes a step by step approach of a medical process. In Alii we make sure that every step in this process is described in a separate paragraph and that these paragraphs are tagged as precisely as possible using international standards.

Every paragraphs describes concretely what a doctor or nurse does (intervention), and what are the next steps depending on the outcome (decision). For each relevant patient group a separate paragraph is created.

The evidence supporting the choice of intervention and the decisions is directly linked to the paragraphs.


This approach has the following advantages:

  • The structured approach allows you to automatically generate an interactive flow chart for each medical guideline.
  • The structured approach means paragraphs can be reused in different guidelines, at the same we can prevent an organization from from describing the same procedure twice.
  • Because of our approach the evidence for each paragraph can be described in terms of PICO where you list the outcomes for the patient group and the intervention as described in the literature.

Keeping guidelines up-to-date

We believe that practical medical guidelines need to be kept up to date in an ongoing process. The best people to do this, are the medical specialists that use the practical medical guidelines every day. We offer medical specialists the tools to review literature in a structured way - and share their insights with other professionals in the network.

Every guideline in Alii has a set of search terms that are used to find the most relevant scientific literature published; every date Alii searches through millions of publications to find new high quality relevant articles.

All relevant articles are presented to the owners of the guidelines to review. The review process in Alii is visually attractive and easy to use. The first step consists of a screening of the article on its relevance. Next, important articles can be reviewed using the GRADE system to determine their quality.

Finally, findings can be extracted from these articles that contain the exact information that impacts the guideline. All reviews and the extracted findings are shared with the community of users of Alii.

Authoring tools

When a number of articles have been reviewed and a set of findings is present, an update of the guideline can be requested. Alii offers you the tools to manage the decision process which involves all stakeholders. Once the decision to updated the protocol has been taken, the owner of the guideline can make the proposed changes. When the owner submits the draft version a new round of voting takes place.

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Alii is used by a number of institutions in the Netherlands, including GGZ Delfland, the departments for Acute Neurology of 4 Amsterdam hospitals and 10 Neonatal Intensive Care Units.