The platform for clinical knowledge

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We make clinical knowledge accessible.

Medicine is a knowlegde industry. By bringing the latest scientific insights into practice doctor can provide patients with the best possible care.

It is our mission to help hospitals structure the medical knowledge their specialists need and create easy-to-use protocols that can be integrated in the EHR. The use of flowcharts and prediction models makes it possible to deliver personalized health care.

With the structure to keep protocols in sync with the latest publications and guidelines, we ensure that you keep knowledge at the heart of your care organization.

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Case studies

Antithrombosis Guideline

We have just implemented the Dutch National Guideline for Antithrombosis in NWZ Alkmaar. The end product is a set of easy to use flowcharts and clickable models, that help specialists find the right information based on the patient characteristics easily.

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AGE Dashboard

For St Antonius in Nieuwegein we created the AGE Dashboard. A multidisciplinary tool to help specialists decide if patients with vulnerabilities are ready for surgery.

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Bas van der Hoorn, Director and Psychiatrist at Parnassia Groep

We have worked with Alii for the past years to streamline the medication protocols within Parnassia Group. In the user survey we held after the initial pilot, 95% of the respondents indicated they wanted to use Alii for all the medication protocols. We believe Alii will help us in the future to incorporate the latest scientific literature faster and help our professionals to work in accordance with best practices.